Badger’s Gear List 1,900 Miles Later

I’ve received a few requests for an updated list of the gear that currently rides on Badger’s back.  This post is dedicated to you.  And whoever else may derive value out of it. Instead of listing everything that I’m using, I will detail only the differences in gear from my original departure.

Last Lap-itis

I write this from the cement patio floor of a frat house at Dartmouth College. This is completely irrelevant to the proceeding post- but how could I not mention that? You know that uneasy feeling you get when some significant stage in your life is nearing its conclusion? Maybe you’ve experienced this during your senior […]

The War of Nutrition

You should definitely pay attention to this post if you are: 1) Planning on doing any sort of extended backing packing trip in the future, and 2) A sweaty individual You can still pay attention if you are only one or none of these things, but you have less to gain (other than a sense […]

Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #4

Goodbyes are hard. I bring this up because today is our last installment of Free Stuff Friday. After this weekend’s contest- we must say goodbye to awesome free Hi-Tec gear. But fear not- you still have a chance to win this week, and right now is the only time we will ever have. And this […]

A Day in the Life of An Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker

Many of my posts attempt to paint broad strokes of life on the Appalachian Trail. Whether it be the social dynamics, the concept of trail magic, or the personal growth that comes from a few challenging weeks– I have a tendency to try and place all events into a larger, overarching theme. But not every […]

Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #3

It’s the greatest day in the history of the week. Yes- Free Stuff Friday. I apologize for the lack of sleep you got last night. Santa comes but once a week (for four weeks). This week the awesome Hi-Tec item to be won is the Total Terrain Lace (pictured below).

Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #2

It’s that time again. The time where we give you some awesome Hi-Tec gear simply for being funny (aka Free Stuff Fridays).

The Social Construct of the Appalachian Trail

Lets play a visualization game, shall we? Close your eyes and envision outer space just moments after the big bang. What do you see? Chaos, right? Some gasses are spinning off in separate directions while others are pulled together due to their gravitational force. That is until another wave of hot gasses ruptures through and […]

Free Stuff Fridays: Caption Contest #1

Do you like free stuff? Of course you do. I do too. All humans do. It’s coded into our DNA. It’s what separates us from chimps. You know what’s even better than free stuff? Free useful stuff. And that’s why you could be in store for a good ass day (figuratively, not literally – I’m […]

Rolling With The Rocks: Learning Lessons From the Trail

It was early February of this very same year. My mom, along with one of her long time friends, had come to visit me in San Diego. Over lunch, we began discussing my upcoming, seemingly insane adventure of an entirely inexperienced camper going into the woods for a half year backpacking trip- covering the length […]

Appalachian Trials

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