Redefining Pain

A hundred billion neurons.  Ten trillion cells.  One hundred trillion bacteria.  All of this influenced by an immeasurable number of environmental and biological factors. Human beings are complex creatures, aren’t they? If you look through a microscope, perhaps.  If you take a step back, however, human behavior can be summarized in one sentence. We move […]

How to Vacation to Europe on the Cheap

A Western-European vacation is bacon for the soul. Few places on earth provide such a magical combination of history, beauty (in landscapes, architecture, people, and accents), FOOD, and culture without sacrificing any of the first-world luxuries that Americans tend to get itchy without.  The lone downside also happens to be a devastating one: the tornado-like […]

Why You Need to Be Eating Bone Broth Right Now

Why You Need to Be Eating Bone Broth Right Now Primer: if you’d prefer a much more intellectual take on why bone broth needs to be in you, check out this Weston A Price article.  This article is a perfect representation of why I (instantly) bowed out from the health blogging game: it’s a crowded […]

I quit…

Blogging rule #1A: never acknowledge how long it’s been since you’ve last posted. Man has it been a long time since I’ve last posted!  So many things have happened.  Barack Obama was elected as our first black president, dick pics become easier than ever, and the government took a two week siesta. What’s that?  Literally none […]

Running with the Bulls: With Concussions, Without Repercussions

I recently returned from a three week backpacking trip of Spain with a pair of good friends.  In a nutshell, it was bananas (bananas come in nut shells, everyone knows that).  Below is part one of a two part story from the trip.   Wednesday, July 9th, 2013 9:30pm: We arrive to Pamplona, the location of […]

Ian Mangiardi of The Dusty Camel on His PCT Documentary, As It Happens

Next to cat farts, Ian Mangiardi is the most commonly used phrase on this website.  That is because Ian was the Good Badger’s Appalachian Trail Mr. Miyagi.  He outlined my gear list, calmed my nerves, and set my expectations.  Although it’s too speculative to say that I would or wouldn’t have finished without his guidance, […]

A Road Map Toward Perfect Health

Conventional wisdom on diet and exercise has left us fat, depressed, and retarded. We deserve better.

On Health

Remember wayyyyyy back in February when I moved to San Francisco to embark in a new chapter of my existence?  Well much like the construct of Appalachian Trials, this chapter was pithy.  And now, like my favorite movie starring a golden retriever, I’m Homeward Bound (sorry Air Bud). In many ways, the past nine months […]

One Year Later

Last Wednesday, August 22, marked my one year anniversary of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  In it of itself, that is maybe worthy of a Facebook status.  This post is dedicated to reflecting on where my life, or more accurately, my mindset, has since gone. I’m Back When Michael Jordan made this proclamation in 1995, it […]

the Good Badger Live, Uncut, Unraveled, Uncensored, Unlocked, Uncle, Unnecessarily Long Title

Hey team, I ran out of un’s.  If I missed any, feel free to throw them in the comment rectangle at the bottom of this weblog. BUT THIS POST IS MUCH BIGGER THAN UNS.  This post is about REI, YOU & ME.  If you live in the Bay Area, you have the rare opportunity to […]

Appalachian Trials

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