Sarah Palin is Dangerous

Today, Sarah Palin sent out a Facebook note titled: “Don’t Get Demoralized! Get Organized! Take Back the 20!”

While I don’t particularly share her stance for the GOP to take over the 20 House of Representative seats up for re-election, I have no problem with her encouraging her following to vote this way.  She’s simply exercising her first amendment.  You go girl.

So, why then would I say something along the lines of: “Sarah Palin is a dangerous, heinous bitch“?  Actually not “along the lines of”, I mean exactly that.

Sarah Palin is dangerous.  In her note, she repeatedly eludes to the metaphor of aggressive, mob-like behavior:

“We’ll aim for these races”

“This is just the first salvo in a fight…”

(Def. “Salvo” – an outburst resembling the discharge of firearms or the release of bombs)

“Please go to and join me in the fight.”

She ends her note with, “Stand tall, America. Real change is coming!” The change that Palin is referencing is the current, “it’s not such a good idea to shoot the representatives that don’t agree with your stance” state of affairs.

The icing on this murder cake is the map used to illustrate which representatives are her targets.

In case anyone missed her subtext, I think the cross hairs did a nice job of making her point perfectly clear.

When you think about it, this was the only logical progression.  Step 1: Spread lies to conjure fear.  Step 2: Encourage violence.  Step 3:   Become president.

Palin 2012:

  • She doesn’t scare me. The people who take her seriously scare me.