[Guest Post] Reunited and it Feels So Good

[editor’s note] I am hesitant to post the following essay from good friend Jack Borgo only because I hate to be the second best writer on my own website. I spent the previous weekend in my old stomping grounds, Madison, WI, to watch my football team disembowel the #8 team in the country, and more […]

Filling in the Gaps: Badger’s Appalachian Trail Omissions (part 2)

In the first edition of Filling in the Gaps, you learned how Google took a big dump on my heart. In this edition, you will learn how a mosquito took a big dump inside my head. For those who have followed along closely with Badger’s journey up the Appalachian Trail, you already know that I […]

Filling in the gaps: Badger’s Appalachian Trail Omissions (part 1)

For those who’ve followed my Appalachian Trail journey from the beginning, you may have noticed a couple of gaps in the story.  This has been confirmed by many of the questions I’ve received via Facebook and e-mail. As I’m currently in the process of writing a pretty kick ass Appalachian Trail book for you all […]

Post Appalachian Trail Depression: Advice from Miss Janet

It was July, 24 2011, a group of 20+ hikers huddled around a large picnic table in the backyard of the Happy Hiker’s Hostel in Glencliff, New Hampshire.  The night’s menu offered home-cooked meatloaf, grilled corn on the cob, mayonnaise-rich pasta salad, coleslaw, homemade buns lathered in liberal amounts of butter, and of course Miller […]

Sensory Underload: Ninety Minutes Inside An Isolation Tank

Because 5 months in the woods wasn’t enough to isolate me from the surrounding world, I decided to kick it up a notch. While on my little walk thingy, I became a big fan of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  It served as my social fix when I wasn’t in the mood for actual interaction.  […]

4 Gross (But Completely True) Appalachian Trail Facts

The following infographic details four gross, but entirely factual, elements associated with the Appalachian Trail.  Feel free to print this out so you can educate others.  Everyone loves facts.

14 Days Later: Life After the Appalachian Trail

I’ve been awake for about two weeks now. The previous five months were merely a dream. You see, reality comes equipped with these little nuisances, we call “responsibilities”. In the dream, there was only one responsibility: “don’t die”. Over the past five months I have stripped myself of excess. This not only refers to the […]

5 Million Steps in 5 Minutes: Badger’s Appalachian Trail Video Slideshow

In the picture above, you are witness to what happens when a ginger head lays unattended for five months.  Despite it’s inherent ability to repel women, the beard will remain an indefinite resident of my face. But that’s neither here nor there. Over the past five months, I have done my best to paint you […]

Thank You

So, just a couple of days ago, August 22nd, 2011, exactly 5 months and 1 day from my start date, I completed my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Good stuff. There will be more reflection and insights on my merging back into your crazy indoor universe in posts to come, but as for right now, […]

Of Bears and Bullshit

Preamble: This post is both long and un-funny. I am taking a momentary lapse from humor to rant about a subject that I have spent much time consumed in the last 150 days or so. Despite what the proceeding post would imply, I still find fart jokes to be tremendously funny. Although I joke about […]

Appalachian Trials

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